When Should You Start To Mulch In Northeast Ohio

If you are like most people, you want your yard to look its best and perhaps you are hoping to grow more in your garden or flowerbeds. One way to do this is by regularly using the right mulch product. However, there is quite a bit of confusion about when you should apply mulch in Northeast Ohio. Consider the following two application times and decide on the right schedule for your yard or garden.


Spring Mulch in Ohio


According to the Ohio State University Extension Office, the first round of mulch is normally applied in spring after the soil is warmed and has dried up somewhat from winter rain and snow. This is normally in the middle or late spring season—perhaps early May. If there is more rainfall than usual, or temperatures stay cool longer than usual, it may be best to delay mulching even until late May or early June.


Fall Mulch in Ohio


Some gardeners or landscapers may choose to apply another layer of bulk mulch in fall as well. This is often done when growing annuals or fall-planted bulbs as it will help protect against the cold of winter. Again, the Extension Office provides a guideline of when the best time is to complete the job. If your plants are already established, the timing may not be as critical as it is in the springtime. A typical recommendation is to do it after a good rain or after you water it in late fall.


Whether you only lay out mulch once per year or choose to do it in the spring and fall, it is important that you choose the right product for the job. If you are located in or around Oakwood Village, Ohio, call or contact us at Savarino Brothers today. We offer a huge selection of natural bulk mulch products that can help your yard or garden look its best today and in the future as well.

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