About Us

Savarino Brothers has been a local Garden Center in Oakwood Village since 1980. Although it had started out as a landscape maintenance company, it expanded into a full service Garden Center, which caters to its customers needs.

We offer a full service line of all trees, evergreens, bulk products, and fertilizers. We offer a full line of mulches, gravel’s, topsoil blends either in bulk or bags. We also offer delivery for all bulk products.

Savarino Brothers has become a full service tree installation company, that offers delivery and planting. We offer professional installation of all trees and landscape plant material.

Savarino Brothers also has a full service lawn installation program, as well as building water features and design installation of flower beds. Installation of retaining walls available (pre-cast stone, rail-road ties, natural stone).

At Savarino Brothers we offer competitive pricing for home owners. We take pride in all of our installation services as well as offering prompt and courteous service to our customers.

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