May Special – Our own Leaf Humus

We now make our own Leaf Humus, it is available now for only $24 / a yard. It is 100% all natural and it well help with your soil conditioning. And for the month of May mention that you have seen this on our website and we will take 5 dollars off per yard. Regular price is 29.00 per yard so mention this and get our leaf humus for 24 dollars per yard.

When Should You Start To Mulch In Northeast Ohio

If you are like most people, you want your yard to look its best and perhaps you are hoping to grow more in your garden or flowerbeds. One way to do this is by regularly using the right mulch product. However, there is quite a bit of confusion about when you should apply mulch in Northeast Ohio. Consider the following two application times and decide on the right schedule for your yard or garden.


Spring Mulch in Ohio


According to the Ohio State University Extension Office, the first round of mulch is normally applied in spring after the soil is warmed and has dried up somewhat from winter rain and snow. This is normally in the middle or late spring season—perhaps early May. If there is more rainfall than usual, or temperatures stay cool longer than usual, it may be best to delay mulching even until late May or early June.


Fall Mulch in Ohio


Some gardeners or landscapers may choose to apply another layer of bulk mulch in fall as well. This is often done when growing annuals or fall-planted bulbs as it will help protect against the cold of winter. Again, the Extension Office provides a guideline of when the best time is to complete the job. If your plants are already established, the timing may not be as critical as it is in the springtime. A typical recommendation is to do it after a good rain or after you water it in late fall.


Whether you only lay out mulch once per year or choose to do it in the spring and fall, it is important that you choose the right product for the job. If you are located in or around Oakwood Village, Ohio, call or contact us at Savarino Brothers today. We offer a huge selection of natural bulk mulch products that can help your yard or garden look its best today and in the future as well.

Convenient Delivery for Bulk Landscaping Materials

If you have a vegetable garden, flower beds or just want your yard to look its best, you have a need for bulk landscaping materials like mulch, gravel and topsoil. While you could go to a nearby big box home improvement or gardening store and purchase these products yourself, there is another solution—at home delivery. Discover why it only makes sense to have your landscaping supplies delivered directly to your home.


Save Time and Money


As mentioned before, many big box stores sell mulch and related products. However, how much can you carry in your car? Even if you have a truck or large SUV, there is a limit to what you can carry, plus the process of loading and unloading your vehicle can be quite time consuming. Direct delivery to your home saves time. Plus, when you think about taking extra trips and the cost to clean your vehicle after hauling messy material, you may save money too.


Safe Delivery


Another consideration is the safe delivery of your bulk landscape products. What happens if you have a bag break when you bring it home yourself? You are left with a mess and are short one bag of material. If you have the products delivered, you will rest assured that the material arrives safely and that you always have exactly what you need to help keep your yard looking its best.


If you are looking for delivery of bulk landscaping materials in or around Northeast Ohio, you want to find a great value and excellent customer service. Savarino Brothers offers convenient options including gravel, mulch and topsoil delivery. Contact us today to set up a delivery plan that will allow you to have access to all the bulk landscaping materials you need at a time that is convenient to you!

What Are The Benefits To Mulching Your Yard

Mulching in northeast Ohio is an important part of landscaping your beds because in early spring when weeds and unwanted vegetation start growing mulch can slow their growth rate and depending the weed maybe ever kill it. And in late spring going into summer time when moisture can become limited mulch can keep soil moisture at a good level and slow down the evaporation rate. So get ready with Savarino Brothers and get your mulch installed.

When To Mulch Your Yard In North East Ohio

Widely available, shredded hardwood lasts from one to three years. It’s a good choice for creating a natural look in landscape beds and is especially eye-catching in woodland settings. It also works well on slopes and in flood-prone areas. Many gardeners use shredded hardwood for informal paths in a backyard.

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